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What Is SEO?

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SEO or search engine optimization is the practice of getting targeted traffic from search engines. SEO employ a wide range of tactics to achieve this goal and it has become a de facto success principle for any successful startup out there.

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Enhanced Branding

SEO will enhance your brand a lot thanks to the power of search engines. Since search engine users trust search engines to find reliable websites, your virtual property will benefit a lot from this situation. It means that your site will be recognized as an authority in its field by most users of search engines. This is because they know that Google or any other major search engines won’t let any unworthy site appear in its results. In fact, appearing on a search engine result page is an instant endorsement that search engines give you for free.

High Quality Traffic

SEO will give you the targeted, high quality traffic that you’ve been looking for. And this isn’t just another source of traffic, it’s traffic of the highest quality you can ever imagine. For instance, SEO allows you to get traffic from buyers. Yeah, you heard it right, from buyers, those ready to buy right here and right now. And this is the kind of traffic that can take your business to a whole new level. By targeting the right keywords and key phrases you will be more likely to dominate a niche. Some of the best SEO companies in Belfast can improve your targeting and conversion rate optimization, therefore improving your ROI.

An Edge

SEO can become your secret weapon, the edge that can give you an advantage over your competition. By taking advantage of the things SEO has in store for you, you will be able to get even more market share. And the more market share you grasp the better for you. In addition to this, SEO’s ROI is just amazingly good once properly done. SEO will give you a better return on investment than many other advertising channels out there.

Taking Action

To get the most out of SEO, you need to hire the best SEO company or freelancer out there. And this isn’t rocket science. Remember that I didn’t say that you should do SEO on your own. Since SEO is comprised of a set of boring, repetitive tasks, you’re better off if you hire SEO experts while you focus your attention on the bottom line. So what? Visit the and find SEO companies near your business. They offer free website optimization meaning that you will be getting benefits right away.

If you’re on a budget, Fiverr can be a godsend for you. Here you will find high quality SEO experts for pennies on the dollar. While an SEO company near your premises might charge thousands of dollars, SEO specialists at Fiverr tend to charge only hundreds. Did you catch my drift? Yes, you will save a lot of dough if you hire someone at this site. Sort these experts by feedback and rating, and you will find a true winner in no time. Top Sellers here tend to offer the best services and you should hire them instead of lower-ranked ones.  Content marketing should be the cornerstone of your seo strategy.

Ensuring Success

Your SEO expert at Fiverr, Elance or near your business will take a look at both your business model and website. An then they will work hard to deliver high quality traffic to your virtual property. Asking for references is always a good idea when hiring any SEO company, though SEO experts at UpWork, Elance and Fiverr have a rating system that will help you a lot to weed out losers. Since SEO isn’t a one-day job, you need to develop patience. SEO takes several months for you to see results, so wait.

After getting decent rankings in Google and major search engines for your most important keywords, you want to keep those visitors coming back. And then maintenance will kick in. What your SEO partner will do next is ensuring that your web pages will keep their high rankings in search engines. To achieve this goal, they will keep adding useful, engaging content to your virtual properties and getting backlinks so that your website may keep its authority in the eyes of search engines over time. So be sure you have the budget for this maintenance phase and you will get your rewards down the road.

Role Of The Videos In An Effective Marketing Strategy

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Presently, more and more companies are realizing that, video production can play an important role in their marketing strategy. This tool can prove to be much more effective in capturing user’s attention and delivering their brand message. The effect of these videos persists in the viewers memory for a longer period of time. 

However, the video should properly synchronize with the overall content strategy. It should have some meaningful contributions to the overall content of a website, blog, etc.

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Overall impact of video marketing

According to the studies done by the Online Publishers Association, about 80 percent of total internet users recalled watching an advertisement video on a website that they visited within past 30 days. Moreover, about 46 percent of those viewers made some effort for collecting more information about that product, either by visiting the advertiser’s websites or by purchasing the product that was featured in the advertisement.

There are other statistical studies, which can support the fact that video marketing increases sales and in fact, those businesses who are not using video marketing as a part of their marketing strategy are losing their customers to those who are using.

video marketingTips to make effective video marketing

Here are are tips which can help to make more effective videos for creating brand awareness and lead generation.

Short and compact videos

Research has shown that, advertisers have barely 10 seconds to grab the attention of their viewers. Most of the viewers do not continue to view the video more than 10 seconds. Thus, if the videos extend to as much as 2 minutes, more than 60 per cent of viewers can click away. Thus, if a company wants to make its video marketing efforts more effective, it will not only have to engage its viewers right from the beginning, but, also have to analyze data to gain the insight of their user’s behaviors.

High quality content

A high quality video means, it should be able to engage its viewers and also should be beneficial for SEO purpose. The content of the video should be able to solve the problems of its viewers and should also provide them some related information.

The users should be able to search the videos easily. The videos should also have interactive elements like, in-video links, quizzes, surveys and forms. These elements will engage the users and prompt them to take desirable actions.

Search Optimizing

A relevant videos, which is well-optimized for search, can attract traffic for a longer period of time. In order to improve the search rankings, a site is required to host its own videos. If the video is being hosted on a sharing site, there will be chances of passing off the traffic to other sites. The advertisers should also make it easy for the users and other sites to share that video. This will increase the chances of building inbound links to the advertiser’s own website.

After reading this article, one can easily figure out the importance of incorporating video production in their marketing strategies. An early start with this strategy, will help to get an upper hand over the competitors.

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Top 6 places to advertise online

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Online advertising has become very profitable investment. Since the beginning of wide usage of computers and global network, lots of companies have joined this trend. They recognized its efficiency and growth of income through Internet marketing.


There is lot of places nowadays where you can advertise your product or service. The following list below will help you choose what type of service is best for you company and for your business.

1. Google Adwords

Since the Google holds the biggest shares in online world, most visited search engine, its Adwords is the largest data base of ads on the Internet. All the advertising that goes through Adwords is organized by pay per click. Google Adwords lets you create your ads with text, photos or video. You only have to create specific keyword that will be recognizable for your business and bid for her with other companies. Follow the instruction how to set up an ad and create your campaign. Besides Adwors, Google owns others platforms like Gmail and You Tube where he enabled placement of the ads. Some of the best Adwords agency in Belfast recommends using a Google Adwords as your tool for marketing.

2. Bing ads

Similar like Adwords, Bing searching engine uses keywords and displays them like a ads. Bing searching engine is under the Microsoft Corporation. It is used less but its prices are smaller. It makes bidding for a specific word lot easier and less expensive. They improved their platform and now they allow business owners to run their own campaign.

3. Facebook advertising

This type of advertising can be very beneficial for small companies. They ads platform has improved over the years and now is much easier to use. They use standard pay per click method, pay only when someone clicks on your ad, but the advantage is that you can add picture or video along with the text. Even if people don’t click on your ad, they will be able to see what it is about.

 4. Tweeter advertising

They allowed advertising quite some time through promoted tweets and trends, but this type of advertising is still out of reach for smaller companies, unless you are ready to spend 10k for an advertisement per day. They launched smaller business advertising program, but it has shown to be unprofitable, because it didn’t help getting a good RIO with it.

Quickly grow your community of high value followers and drive word of mouth by promoting your account

Quickly grow your community of high value followers and drive word of mouth by promoting your account

5. StumbleUpon ads

StumbleUpon is relatively unknown social advertising network that uses specific words from search engine to discover new web sites they never knew existed. It has platform called “Pay Discovery” where you pay 0.25 to 0.5 cents for every person that discovers your web page. You don’t use here the general type of advertising; your web page is your advertisement for visitors. You select the interests you want your web site to be included and pay by how much targeted you want your stumbles to be.

6.  Pinterest ads

This platform is mainly designed for women. They have advertising tool called “Promoted Pins” and it’s not open to everyone yet. If you have a product and your targeted groups are women, you can create visually appealing ads.